Future city – Appearance

For appearance I found only coolhunt I am super excited about. After the 3d printer they are now working on the Mink Make up printer.

– Mink
Mink is a printer that will print make up. It works on your phone, iPad or computer with an app. In this app you choose a color out of all the colors that exist or you make a photo of the nice lipstick your friend is wearing and print it out.
The printer will be able to print lipstick, eye shadow, blush and probably more. There is nothing sure about it yet. The makeup is printable with cartridges of makeup. Which are different for every type of makeup. It will take up to a minute to print it.
It will cost around $300 and will only be available in America in the beginning. It is not curtain what the cartridges are going to cost.

Why I think it is cool?
Because we saw this trend already in more sectors but this make up printer makes you self-sufficient. Mink is designed against the big cooperation’s that decide which colors are going to be a trend this summer. But what if you could choose yourself. It would create a big individualism for everybody and you can choose your own style.
If the trend starts here it will not be long before this is a possibility for even more products!
I think it has future growth potential because with this device you are self-sufficient.

Felce and Perry (2005): Emotional wellbeing, self-esteem.

Here are the important links of this device. Interested? It is a super cool product and after watching you can subscribe for Mink. The more people the bigger the chance it will come true!
Source: http://techcrunch.com/video/mink-makeup-printer/518223542/


Future city – Health

Health and the future of the city. We discussed it fully in class that the retirement homes will disappear. And it might be the case that we will have to take care of our parents when we are older. Here are my coolhunts.

– Growing expenses
In this article I read about the expenses people make for their health care. In 12 years the expenses 4%. 13 % of the income goes straight to the healthcare system. In all the years this number is still growing. And it keeps on growing.

– Self-care
In my post about apps already explained a self-help app. Start the recording and just listen and do what Andrew tells you to. His calm and relaxing voice will get you in a different state of mind. First he explains the rules of using and then he will tell you to relax. With multiple exercises he banns your thoughts out of your mind. I would love to explain the whole thing but it is best to try it yourself!

– Video chat school
It’s such a simple idea. Brazilians want to learn English while in America the elderly in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. FCB Brazil connected them! That is the whole story. Because of the age and background difference the talks are about anything you could imagine.

Why I think it is cool?
Because self-care is growing. That is the trend I noticed. The government wants to cut on the costs in the health care and we will feel this. We went from health state to self-state, and we are the ones that are going to take care of it. More own expenses for healthcare and less help from the government.

Future growth potential because it is a fact that this is happening. Authentic is a trend that I think of in health care. There is much resembles from the people on the new government policy, but if you think about it we are going back to how it once was.

Felce and Perry (2005): Physical wellbeing, health.

Source: http://www.gezondheidszorgbalans.nl/kosten/zorguitgaven/zorguitgaven-en-bruto-binnenlands-product/

Future city – Food

The future city and food is the one I thought was going to be easy. Unfortunately I could not take a stand in the discussion between fast food and slow food. I think they both will get bigger but in a different shape. Underneath you will find a few examples of what I found in the future of food
– Fast food VS. Slow food
That the profit of big fast food consumer is still growing is a fact everybody might know. And that the people are getting unhealthier in their weight to. But a counter trend is the slow food where the transparency is getting more important. Slow food stands for the increasing demand of food that was properly handled and is made in a more authentic way. You see this happening in the authentic butchers and handmade food.

– Soy lent food
This article is about the possibility that soy lent food will replace our normal food. Three young men with a problem came up with this. They needed to save money for their project, but one big costs post was keeping them from their goal: food. They wrote a long story on how they proceeded with this question. There is a future in soylent food. But is there a market?

Why I think it is cool?
Transparency is a trend that will grow either way. We have a growing ‘hunger’ for information and want to know more about the things we eat. Personally I think it is the power to know what drives us instead of knowing. Authentic, is a big trend in slow food. Back to basic and back to where we came from. Eating seeds and more naturel products.
Why I think it has future growth potential is because the two movements I described are covering a large amount of thought of the people. Either way you go for slow or fast food. Everything in between is the current situation.

Felce and Perry (2005): Material wellbeing, food
Source: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/05/12/140512fa_fact_widdicombe?currentPage=all

Future city – Living

In the city of the future there will be less room than we are used to. But we are used to a standard of living and all over the world you see movements with clever solutions which let us make full use of the small space we will own. The cities are getting over populated because people are moving to the city. The city has more to offer than the small towns all over the country and young people tend to want to live near ‘the place to be’. They want to live in an interesting part of the world. I think in the city of the future activities are not bound to a place. Physical presence is no longer necessary. I noticed a few of this movement. This is a little of what I found.

– Crowded cities
In an article of the PBL I read about the urban drift. This article stated that in the 22 biggest cities of our country, there live over 9 million people. That is over the half of the 16,7 million people that live in the Netherlands. And this is growing number.

– Shelfie- home is where you hang your bike
This is definitely more than just a shelf. This shelf makes you able to hang your bike in your house. This shelf is designed to be more than just a shelf and is even whiteout a bike a nice adding to your home. It is also useful to use when repairing the bike since you have easy access to your bike and do not need a table to put it on. It is also useable for decorations.

– New York apartment.
In this move a couple shows you there apartment in New York. They bought it as a fixer upper and made it in to something completely different than it was and something every small apartment owner will be jealous of. They made a 90 square foot apartment livable for two people including a guestroom and more. It is a combination of clever thinking and new technologic. This movie is an old one but I immediately thought of it when making this coolhunt. In this movie you see that people saw this coming and it is only getting bigger.

Why I think it is cool?
In Human movement I already explained the growing city is making trends happen. The Shelfie is a good example of clever solutions for the need for space. In a few year cities will be overflowing with people and a obvious thing to happen is the living space will decrease. The surface where we now live in will get smaller and smarter. All over the world you see clever solutions for small spaces. But people are used to a standard of living which they do not want to lose over space. People want to maintain the habits and do not mind it if it gets easier in addition to it.

I think it has future growth potential, because in a little while we do not have much choice left. There is already proof that this is happening. The solutions to this problem will get cheaper and more available for the bigger crowd.

Felce and Perry (2005): Developments and activities, home life.

Movie NY apartment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYV0qATsyts

Sources: http://stt.nl/projecten/superintelligent-vervoer/toekomstbeelden-vervoer/

Future city – Human movement

This time the assignment was ‘The city of the Future’. Thinking about the aspects of today’s city that will stay and what will be new in that city. I tried to look at it from the sector perspective and I have been looking in every sector what I think the city of the future is gone be.

Human movement
A car used to be a symbol of freedom, independence and wealth. In the world of now this symbol has already changed and is even going to change more in de future. Today the car is looked at like an expensive burden and an obligation. There will be more movements like the Toogethr and car sharing to save the environment.

– Future Technical Foundation
At the internet I found a article of the future of technique, mainly about the future of movement. In this article I read a few predictions that gave me a nice picture of how the future of human movement is going to look like. A few of the most outstanding facts where that the consumer is not probably to own a vehicle themselves anymore. And Digital journey assistants and smart agents will make traveling even more easy.
In 2040 a driver’s license is not likely needed anymore. At least not to drive the car since the cars will not need a driver anymore and will operate whit out your acting. They will think for themselves and you can take a nap while driving to Paris or where in the world you would like to go. At least you will not be standing in the file because of trucks, since the main roads for transport will be underground. The cities are getting more crowded and space is running out. The most likely choice will be to build under (or over) the city.
– Toogethr – Carpool App
Toogethr is an app for the driver and the passenger. In the app you can look for a drive that fits your destination and ride along. The driver decides if he want you to cover costs and you can look the driver of passenger up at the social media, because this is linked. In the app you can look at preferences such as if you would like to talk, want to hear music or smoke. Isn’t your road online yet. Tooghethr sends you an email when it is available.
This app is a signal that the car sharing will grow to save the environment and also spend less on transportations.
– Car sharing
In the city of the future we will not own a car. Cars are owned by a community. The marketplace matches owners of cars that are available to other drivers to rent. This is from the city of care sharing. They predict a increasing car ownership and a growing sharing of recourses.

Why I think it is cool?
I think it is cool that the ways we transport are changing that much. I think the changes are part of the trend sharification and are a way of telling us that we want to share the recourses that are available in the world. We want to save the environment and create a better future for the ones after us. The world is getting more crowded every day and the cities are getting fuller. That is why we need to think more space efficient. This is something we also see in the other sectors.

The world as we know it will get more automatically and practical. The cars of the future will be able to communicate with the world around and our gadgets such as our phones. The world will get easier because the machines will take over a lot of our actions. This links to the trend where we want to make the world easier and practical for ourselves. With all the new concepts that they realize and the little time we have we like it if the world does a lot for us.

Model Felce and Perry (2005): Material welbeing, transport.

Sources: http://stt.nl/projecten/superintelligent-vervoer/toekomstbeelden-vervoer/