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FOOD – Something is changing

I have always been working in the food industry and on a young age I discovered that food waiste is a big problem. It is hard for restaurants to guess the amount of food they will need that night and often the left overs will be tossed out.
So why do they not find something to do with that food? Because there are a lot of laws preventing the food industry. When donating food, you are exposed to the people suing because they might have gotten sick from the food. Thus the food is being tossed out.

But the food industry is making a big change. With apps like ‘To good to go’ and companies like coffee flour. To good to go is an app that let’s you buy last minute portions of restaurants for an average of $2-$5 of food that would have been tossed out otherwise. The company Coffee flour started making food out of the waist that is created while making coffee.
What is happening here? It feels like the food industry is finally realizing something needs to change. Of the food that is being produced 2-3rd is being thrown away in the United States only and companies are finally realizing that that is also their responsibility.


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