A smelly phone call

‘That smells’ was taken really seriously by Scentee the developer of a new gadget for your phone. Scentee is a little device that you plug on to your phone en when you get a phone call, email or text it creates a smell. They must have thought that your life is not complete without sending your best friend some lavender when you miss them.


Thanks to the Japanese company ChatPerf the internet can now do everything. It hears, sees, feels and now smells. Scentee is a little device that you put in your earphone access which allows you to spread a sent with a push on the button. First you need to download the app, purchase cartridges of your favorite smell and connect it with your phone.

After every phone call, email or like a little smell is spread. Send your friends a nice smell, ofcourse they need the Scentee to be connected to receive it.

The available scents are: roses, mint, cinnamon, bacon, coffee, curry, jasmine, lavender, apple, coconut, strawberry, corn soup, meat, potato and gunpowder. The Scentee sells for $35 and a $30 shipping. The different scents start at $5 for coffee, lavender, rose, rosemary and strawberry each.


Why I think it is cool?

I started laughing really hard when I read about this devices. It feels like the company that made it created a solution without a problem. Still I think there are people that might be interested in Scentee. With the growing need for new and special experience this definitely adds something to your phone and create a special feel for your phone. Getting a phonecall has become a real experience instead of the ordinary phonecall.


Walking in the dark

Eindhoven the light city of the Netherlands will be the first city with an innovative bicycle path. Where Vincent van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885 there will be an 600 metres long bicycle path. The bicycle path is designed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans and is part of a cooperation between the municipality of Eindhoven, Van Gogh Brabant, Vrijetijdshuis Brabant, Eindhoven 365 and Routebureau Brabant.


The light stones will charge during the and light up in the night. The first impressions where presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The Roosegaarde – Van Gogh bicycle path is part of a the highway of tomorrow a developed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans. The plan is that it will be ready to experience in 2014, which will make this the first bicycle path of its kind in the world.

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool that Eindhoven will be the first city with such a renewing design of a simple thing such as a bicycle path.

Future growth potential

I could not find any info about the costs of the path. But unfortunately I am think it is an big investment but still I think it has a big future growth potential because after the investment it saves money that you normal would spend on the electricity. And it also looks a lot cuter than the standard lights. I think it fits the Experience economy because the light gives the path a different dimension.


Shadow your dreams

Have you ever woken up, knowing you had a wonderful dream. But have you not been able to remember this beautiful dream. Shadow is a app for your phone that makes it possible to record more off your dreams. Founded by Raffael Stüken, and created to capture your dearest dreams. It is designed in 3 steps.


Wake up- Shadow has a special alarm that wakes you through your hypnopompic state from sleeping to waking.

Record – The moment you wake up the app request a few answers about your night. You type, speak or answer questions to record your dream the moment you wake up.

Discover – Over time, patterns exists. The longer you use the app, the more rewarding the experience becomes.

Shadow makes a different experience of your dreams. Before Shadow you forgot about 95% of your dreams and with this app you capture more off the dreams than ever before.

dream 2

Why I think it is cool?

I think this app is cool because it changes the way you dream. I love to dream but it makes me a little sad when I wake up knowing my dream was beautiful but I am never able to remember the beauty of it. This fits in the experience economy because we are looking for more experiences in our everyday life. This app changes only one little thing and lets you be happy about it for a long time. It does not require a lot of adjustments and still makes you dreams more intense.

For me this has future growth potential because you change nothing big and still make the dream a lot more intense. It is not expensive and does not require a lot of time. Would you like to try it out or get more information about this app?

Source: http://discovershadow.com/

The wizarding world of Harry Potter

A few months ago I was lucky to visit the beautiful country United States. I visited Miami, Orlando there. Orlando contains the most amusements park in the world. And the parks definitely understand what the people want. In Orlando I visited Universal Studios, both parks. Which both contains a large amount of stories and adventures such as Jurassic Park, Spiderman and Harry Potter. At every corner you step in to a new world and even the toilet has wizards or a different theme.


For years I have been a Harry Potter fan and since I grew up with him I saw every single movie at least once or even more. When we realized there was a whole village dedicated to Harry Potter in Universal I immediately got crazy exited. When you enter this village it feels like you stepped in to the movie. There was a candy store containing al the real candy that you see in the movie. The candy store sold things like exploding bonbons, nosebleed nougat and the chocolate frog which unfortunately wasn’t moving in real life. And that was only the beginning.

The village had a wand shop, including a show on how to get your destined wand. The Hogward train and many more. But today I want to tell you more about the biggest attraction at the Harry Potter village. You enter the big castle of Hogwards where the long (really long) waiting line starts. This line takes you through the Defence against the dark arts room, the art gallery, Dumbledores office and more. In every room there are animations that make the line interactive. You see Dumbledore in a meeting, Hermoine and Ron speak to you and tell you what is going to happen. The attraction itself is even more amazing than the show around it. It might sound as if I am a real nerd, but if that is the case than I am proud of it. The attraction was a 3D rollercoaster where you followed Harry Potter at his adventures. You followed him at a broom while he tried to escape of a dragon, got in a magic fight and more. The attraction is made as if you are in his world.

557889_2827066413539_1770683954_n 563311_2827068653595_1459178626_n

Why I think it is cool?

I think the Harry Potter village and especially the Hogwards castle because it takes experience economy to a new level. When you enter this village you are in a different world and you forget your problems and everything about the real world. This is a good example of experience economy because the Harry Potter village is so surreal, you do not need to imagine a world the park did this for you. It is a true escape for real life.

Source: https://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/

The Fashion pop

Lara Atkinson realized there was a increasing popsicle sale and popsicles recipes during the spring summer fashion shows. With this knowledge she tried to create a high end delicacy instead of the inexpensive icy treat.

lara1 lara2

The Fashion pop concept is a concept about fashion and icy treats. Lara Atkinson took prints, textures, colors and themes from spring summer collection 2013 and turned them in to a eatable fashion product. As an inspiration she used ‘The Crunchy textures’ of McQueen fashion and ‘Burberry’s Lickable metallics’.

But she didn’t only changed the eatable part of the Fashion pop. She also changed the wooden stick and the plastic wrapper.

lara3 lara4

Why I think it is cool?

The Fashion pop is a concept designed for eatable and affordable design. You want to buy an item from your favorite designer but you can’t afford it? Here is the solution. For me this is an example of experience economy because it changes the experience you normally have when eating a popsicle. Eating a popsicle has a low reminder factor. And when I ask you in a few weeks how the popsicle was that long ago you probably need a minute or two to know what I am talking about.

The chance is bigger that you will remind this popsicle because you link it to your favorite designers.

I think it has future growth potential because the bigger designers keep coming with affordable products for the bigger crowd. Even when you can’t afford the clothes you still had a little bit of the brand. Also it is more likely that the costumer will pay a little extra for this popsicle, even when it isn’t just more than a nicer look.

Source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/SS13-Fashion-Pops/9917799