HUMAN MOVEMENT – Start the new workout

Is your workout getting boring? I need a little research and your workout should not be boring according to all these crazy new workout types.

Start your mermaid workout. Get in shape and pretend to be a mermaid. There are classes to go to and you even get the tail. And you will just be casually pretending to be a mermaid, under waters.

Or start with the annual South Korean Space out competition. It is easy you do not have to do anything, like really nothing. Just sitting around doing nothing just became a sport in South Korea. For all the lazy people among us.

Or travel to LA to participate in the newest US trend, a drum workout. Where you use drumsticks to workout. You use them on the floor and on yourself and are supposed to get in shape this way. Just watch the video. This looks awesome!

There are lots of other examples, like a workout and gaming together. But the most important thing is. I think something is happening here. I think People are getting bored and want to try out new things. Spice up their routines and do different things. Identify themselves by doing different.





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