HUMAN MOVEMENT – When we run out of energy

Energy is a hard thing. In all the year we have lived on this planet we have been searching for new ways to create energy. While right now we are using so much energy and destroying the planet while doing. There are lots of sustainable ways to get new energy.

Laurence Kembel-Kook gets it. Her job was to design a new way to create energy. She found the solution, beneath her feet. She discovered a way to create energy by walking over a tile. The Pavegen tiles where born. When put in high traffic areas the people moving over them create energy. Without even having to do something extra.


What is this all about? While I was writing one of my blogs for food, I discovered that the food industry is finally realizing they need to take their responsibility. And I think that is what we are seeing here. Companies are taking their own resposibilities to create a better world.




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