HEALTH – Eating healthy as a quick recovery

When one of my friends was in a Dutch hospital we would bring her Domino’s Pizza as dinner. Because hospital food is not good. Or is not perceived as tasty. But researches have showed that a decent and tasty meal can improve the quality of life and increase the amount spend in the hospital.

8761617741_6819d0b4ae_o malaysia--fried-noodles-and-a-single-chicken-drumstick poland--a-simple-but-hearty-meal-of-bread-cucumber-and-liverwurst

Those are just a few of the picture of different hospitals foods. With this knowledge you would ask yourself why is this not changing in our country yet? With all the signals I discovered about a healthy lifestyle and how to eat healthy. Why did the health industry not caught on to this yet? There are a lot of recopies that provide more energy, easy healthy lunches,  articles about nutritious foods and still the health industries sees food as something that needs to happen. Something that is necessary to keep people alive.  What if they would research the possibilities and we could actually help people get out of the hospital faster. That would save them money, would that make them think about it?

I see something, I see people that are starting to value their body more. While everything is going good, they start to think about how to reinvent how they live and put more energy in their own body.

I hope the health industry will catch on to this.




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