APPEARENCE – Pink lady

Kitten Kay Sera is a 52 year old from Hollywood. And for the past 35 years she has only worn pink. But that is not all, she also lives in a pink house. She is been called worlds ‘pinkest person’.Her obsession with pink did not stop with her clothes and her house, she also painted her dog pink.

Schermafbeelding-2016-07-07-om-12.40.44 Schermafbeelding-2016-07-07-om-12.43.38-970x613

Kitten sleeps in a pink bed with pink sheets and pink pillows. Her bathroom is, pink. When she was 17 she started her obsession with pink: “I gave all my other clothes away. The experiment made me realise how much money I was spending on clothes I never wore, that didn’t suit my complexion and wearing just one colour made me feel strong and took the stress out of deciding what to wear. My family thought it was a phase, but I am starting my fourth decade of pink power and am not looking back.”
pink2 Schermafbeelding-2016-07-07-om-12.39.46-970x726

It is not cheap to live a pink life. Kitten tells: “The pinkification of my world is a work in progress and its cost me over a million dollars and counting.” This is why she works as an actrice, singer and a tv personality. She also rents her house for photoshoots. Paris Hilton and Beyonce have been spotted at her crib.
Schermafbeelding-2016-07-07-om-12.42.16 Schermafbeelding-2016-07-07-om-12.41.53-970x655



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