Future city – Appearance

For appearance I found only coolhunt I am super excited about. After the 3d printer they are now working on the Mink Make up printer.

– Mink
Mink is a printer that will print make up. It works on your phone, iPad or computer with an app. In this app you choose a color out of all the colors that exist or you make a photo of the nice lipstick your friend is wearing and print it out.
The printer will be able to print lipstick, eye shadow, blush and probably more. There is nothing sure about it yet. The makeup is printable with cartridges of makeup. Which are different for every type of makeup. It will take up to a minute to print it.
It will cost around $300 and will only be available in America in the beginning. It is not curtain what the cartridges are going to cost.

Why I think it is cool?
Because we saw this trend already in more sectors but this make up printer makes you self-sufficient. Mink is designed against the big cooperation’s that decide which colors are going to be a trend this summer. But what if you could choose yourself. It would create a big individualism for everybody and you can choose your own style.
If the trend starts here it will not be long before this is a possibility for even more products!
I think it has future growth potential because with this device you are self-sufficient.

Felce and Perry (2005): Emotional wellbeing, self-esteem.

Here are the important links of this device. Interested? It is a super cool product and after watching you can subscribe for Mink. The more people the bigger the chance it will come true!
Source: http://techcrunch.com/video/mink-makeup-printer/518223542/


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