Future city – Health

Health and the future of the city. We discussed it fully in class that the retirement homes will disappear. And it might be the case that we will have to take care of our parents when we are older. Here are my coolhunts.

– Growing expenses
In this article I read about the expenses people make for their health care. In 12 years the expenses 4%. 13 % of the income goes straight to the healthcare system. In all the years this number is still growing. And it keeps on growing.

– Self-care
In my post about apps already explained a self-help app. Start the recording and just listen and do what Andrew tells you to. His calm and relaxing voice will get you in a different state of mind. First he explains the rules of using and then he will tell you to relax. With multiple exercises he banns your thoughts out of your mind. I would love to explain the whole thing but it is best to try it yourself!

– Video chat school
It’s such a simple idea. Brazilians want to learn English while in America the elderly in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. FCB Brazil connected them! That is the whole story. Because of the age and background difference the talks are about anything you could imagine.

Why I think it is cool?
Because self-care is growing. That is the trend I noticed. The government wants to cut on the costs in the health care and we will feel this. We went from health state to self-state, and we are the ones that are going to take care of it. More own expenses for healthcare and less help from the government.

Future growth potential because it is a fact that this is happening. Authentic is a trend that I think of in health care. There is much resembles from the people on the new government policy, but if you think about it we are going back to how it once was.

Felce and Perry (2005): Physical wellbeing, health.

Source: http://www.gezondheidszorgbalans.nl/kosten/zorguitgaven/zorguitgaven-en-bruto-binnenlands-product/


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