Future city – Living

In the city of the future there will be less room than we are used to. But we are used to a standard of living and all over the world you see movements with clever solutions which let us make full use of the small space we will own. The cities are getting over populated because people are moving to the city. The city has more to offer than the small towns all over the country and young people tend to want to live near ‘the place to be’. They want to live in an interesting part of the world. I think in the city of the future activities are not bound to a place. Physical presence is no longer necessary. I noticed a few of this movement. This is a little of what I found.

– Crowded cities
In an article of the PBL I read about the urban drift. This article stated that in the 22 biggest cities of our country, there live over 9 million people. That is over the half of the 16,7 million people that live in the Netherlands. And this is growing number.

– Shelfie- home is where you hang your bike
This is definitely more than just a shelf. This shelf makes you able to hang your bike in your house. This shelf is designed to be more than just a shelf and is even whiteout a bike a nice adding to your home. It is also useful to use when repairing the bike since you have easy access to your bike and do not need a table to put it on. It is also useable for decorations.

– New York apartment.
In this move a couple shows you there apartment in New York. They bought it as a fixer upper and made it in to something completely different than it was and something every small apartment owner will be jealous of. They made a 90 square foot apartment livable for two people including a guestroom and more. It is a combination of clever thinking and new technologic. This movie is an old one but I immediately thought of it when making this coolhunt. In this movie you see that people saw this coming and it is only getting bigger.

Why I think it is cool?
In Human movement I already explained the growing city is making trends happen. The Shelfie is a good example of clever solutions for the need for space. In a few year cities will be overflowing with people and a obvious thing to happen is the living space will decrease. The surface where we now live in will get smaller and smarter. All over the world you see clever solutions for small spaces. But people are used to a standard of living which they do not want to lose over space. People want to maintain the habits and do not mind it if it gets easier in addition to it.

I think it has future growth potential, because in a little while we do not have much choice left. There is already proof that this is happening. The solutions to this problem will get cheaper and more available for the bigger crowd.

Felce and Perry (2005): Developments and activities, home life.

Movie NY apartment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYV0qATsyts

Sources: http://stt.nl/projecten/superintelligent-vervoer/toekomstbeelden-vervoer/


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