Future city – Food

The future city and food is the one I thought was going to be easy. Unfortunately I could not take a stand in the discussion between fast food and slow food. I think they both will get bigger but in a different shape. Underneath you will find a few examples of what I found in the future of food
– Fast food VS. Slow food
That the profit of big fast food consumer is still growing is a fact everybody might know. And that the people are getting unhealthier in their weight to. But a counter trend is the slow food where the transparency is getting more important. Slow food stands for the increasing demand of food that was properly handled and is made in a more authentic way. You see this happening in the authentic butchers and handmade food.

– Soy lent food
This article is about the possibility that soy lent food will replace our normal food. Three young men with a problem came up with this. They needed to save money for their project, but one big costs post was keeping them from their goal: food. They wrote a long story on how they proceeded with this question. There is a future in soylent food. But is there a market?

Why I think it is cool?
Transparency is a trend that will grow either way. We have a growing ‘hunger’ for information and want to know more about the things we eat. Personally I think it is the power to know what drives us instead of knowing. Authentic, is a big trend in slow food. Back to basic and back to where we came from. Eating seeds and more naturel products.
Why I think it has future growth potential is because the two movements I described are covering a large amount of thought of the people. Either way you go for slow or fast food. Everything in between is the current situation.

Felce and Perry (2005): Material wellbeing, food
Source: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/05/12/140512fa_fact_widdicombe?currentPage=all


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