Touch and eat

I recently got back from Dubai where I got my first visit at the Pizza Hut. I immediately liked this pizza place because of their clever solutions for problems such as the crust which nobody really likes (at least nobody I know!). The crust is covered in mustard and hotdog to make sure the crust is better than ever.


I also read that Pizza Hut is one of the first in this branch with the touch table. This to make sure the costumer knows exactly what they order. Everybody knows that feeling, you order a pizza which looks nice and when you get it, it turns out there is just that one meat on that you do not like. This is not gone happen with the touch table. You personalize your pizza, starting with the size of the pizza. You can choose which sauce you want and how much cheese. Choose your meat and vegetables and you are ready to pay.

pizza-hut-table-3-elite-daily  Pizza-Hut-Chaotic-Moon-Studios-Interactive-Concept-Table-2

 3027282-inline-i-1-pizza-huts-interactive-touch-table-could-be-coming-to-a-restaurant-near-you  images (1)

Why I think it is cool?

This is the only coolhunt that is literally transparent. I think it is cool because the customer is in total control of their food. We are eager to know more about the products and this table gives us information about what we are going to eat. The trend digitalization is also a trend that is close to this coolhunt.

Why it has future growth potential is because we are still eager to know more about our food. In this way we know exactly what is in our food and we have total control of our food.


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