The new Barbie world

The new Barbie world

The toy almost every little girl played with when they were young, Barbie. Who did not had a blond Barbie and pink car to drive in. Barbie still has a large market share and as of today the brand Barbie is world known.

Even though Barbie is a worldwide icon that every girl knows, Barbie is not an average girl. She has hundreds jobs and not an average figure. There is even a syndrome named after Barbie. The “Barbie Syndrome”, is a syndrome for people that desire to have an appearance and lifestyle representative of the Barbie doll. Often it is associated with teenage females (and other age groups). Due to negative attention of the Barbie, the waist has been widened since 2000. The negative attention got even bigger when Barbie had a back cover of vintage booklet on How to Lose Weight, stating “Don’t Eat!”.



But there is a new Barbie in town, a worldwide crowd funding action is online to create a real life size Barbie. The size of this Barbie is measured with the average size of a 20 year old girl and creates a totally different Barbie.



Why it is cool?

I think the new Barbie is cool because the young girls of this day are growing up in world where there is an obvious perfect image of how they should be. The new Barbie takes the role model Barbie to a new level. Where Barbie teaches them to play together, it could be teaching them what a real body looks like. I think the new Barbie fits in with transparency because you grow up with a certain perspective on the world, which sometimes can be a little cluttered. This Barbie gives transparency for the young girls about the real world. Why I think it has future growth potential is because Barbie is a worldwide brand that can make a change in the world. In the model of Felce and Perry this coolhunt is an example of Physical wellbeing.

I think it has future growth potential because people want to know more of the products. The Barbie is not real anymore for the current world and because we have more information about the brands we know Mattel can change their point of view.




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