The Fresh Office

It is not easy to be healthy. We have seen a various off cool new movements to provide you with your cup off health. Het Verskantoor is one of them (translated the fresh office).

How it works

You want to be healthier but you do not have the time to do it. Het Verskantoor does it for you. Whit out thinking you will eat healthier and more varied. You will feel the difference.

Healthy living means every day vegetables and fruit. The content off the bag is fits your daily eat moments. You receive every week fruit for six snacks and vegetables for two meals. So you can eat healthier without thinking. In the bag and at the site you will find recipes for easy meals. To provide a healthy and varied meal. Every recipe is provided with fresh ingredients, it is easy and quick to make. The bag will be delivered at work or at a pick up spot.

Het Verskantoor has the ambition to deliver products that are coming out of your region. Why import your food if you can get it around the corner. You are earing vegetables from your backyard to improve your own health and the region.

bespaar_tijd   betaal_minder    eet_gezonder

Why I think it is cool?

I know it is not it’s first of this kind, but it is the first in my surrounding. This is a project from someone in my home town and so I am realizing it is getting even closer and getting bigger. This is a good example of a cool hunt that fits with the trend Glocalisation and keeps in mind the quality of life of people. It also has to do with transparency because it has an open communication about where the products are from and communicates about all the small things with their consumers. On the site you can even find a poll for various subjects that gives you the opportunity to add your opinion about a lot of subjects. The transparency in this example is in the details. You get a list of places where they get their food. You receive a list of products that are in the meal and where it has been. I also think it has future growth potential because it is an easy and relatively cheap way to eat healthy and support your local farmers.



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