I think we all kind of saw this one coming. The QR code never really got where everybody hoped it would end, and that’s probably because it was already outdated when they invented it. The classic, invention whit out a problem. Luckily there is a new invention. To replace the QR code they came up with the Selfie Ticket. TicketLeap designed this for the smaller festivals that want to be more connecting.


Imagine a BBQ event for 50 people of your local beer brewer. Founder Raybould explained: “After the event, the event goer is more likely to order that beer the next time they see it on tap, and, more likely to talk about it to the friend they’re sitting next to. Events build community and community builds a brand. That brewery wouldn’t use barcode tickets. We know because we have many breweries as customers and they don’t scan tickets because it just doesn’t feel right for their purpose.”

Now you can scan tickets with just your eyes. No need for scanners, the right lighting, or a reliable Internet connection. In other words, a lot less logistics for the person throwing this 50-person event.


How it works? You get an e-mail 24 hours before the event telling you it’s time to say “smile” for your ticket. Next step is downloading the app and take your picture. I hear you all thinking, and yes you can try as many as you like.

Why I think it is cool?

When I heard this idea I was sceptic. But after reading the article I was convinced this is a cheaper and more personal approach for smaller companies. Why this is an good example of transparency? With this new ticket you have a clearer picture of who is going to come. You do not only have a name, but automatically you have a face with it which makes communicating as brewer or other company way easier.

I think this could be way bigger as if it is right know. It is not as expensive as current methods and still it is way more personal. People have a growing need of the feeling that they matter. If the director of the brewer comes up to them and remember their name. No better way of starting the conversation.



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