What happens in the forest.

Global Forest Watch is an initiative with the purpose of getting the world to know what happens to the forest. And to make sure the decision makers in the big companies all over the world to make the right decisions for the environment. 40 big  cooperation such as Google and the Maryland University are working together to publicize the map. At this map you can see how the forest are at this moment and if they are planting new plants. You can even look how your holiday destination is as far as the forest environment.


But foremost it is a tool to get the world to act up on the drastically changing environment. With this map Google and the rest want also the smaller groups to have all the knowledge. NASA tries to refresh the data as much as possible, daily and the tropical forest monthly. Other data is refreshed every year.

Still, director of de GFW warns us, you still need to look at the map with a story in your mind. Sometimes there is a forest fire but still controlled.

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Why I think it is cool?

For me this map gives me the power to know more. Personally I am not usually thinking about this topic but a lot of my friends are. With the increasing need of knowing more and feeling like we could make a difference, this makes a great example of transparency in the world. Years ago we would not have been able to know all of this, the GFW saw the need of people to have transparency about what is going on in the world.

I think this could be a bigger thing, because you do not only see this happening in the environment but also in the food sector. We resentment towards companies that refuse to give us information. Personally I do not think it is about the actual information, rather than the feeling a company is honest about their whereabouts.

Are you interested, and want to know more? Source: http://www.wri.org/our-work/project/global-forest-watch


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