Touch and eat

I recently got back from Dubai where I got my first visit at the Pizza Hut. I immediately liked this pizza place because of their clever solutions for problems such as the crust which nobody really likes (at least nobody I know!). The crust is covered in mustard and hotdog to make sure the crust is better than ever.


I also read that Pizza Hut is one of the first in this branch with the touch table. This to make sure the costumer knows exactly what they order. Everybody knows that feeling, you order a pizza which looks nice and when you get it, it turns out there is just that one meat on that you do not like. This is not gone happen with the touch table. You personalize your pizza, starting with the size of the pizza. You can choose which sauce you want and how much cheese. Choose your meat and vegetables and you are ready to pay.

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Why I think it is cool?

This is the only coolhunt that is literally transparent. I think it is cool because the customer is in total control of their food. We are eager to know more about the products and this table gives us information about what we are going to eat. The trend digitalization is also a trend that is close to this coolhunt.

Why it has future growth potential is because we are still eager to know more about our food. In this way we know exactly what is in our food and we have total control of our food.


The new Barbie world

The new Barbie world

The toy almost every little girl played with when they were young, Barbie. Who did not had a blond Barbie and pink car to drive in. Barbie still has a large market share and as of today the brand Barbie is world known.

Even though Barbie is a worldwide icon that every girl knows, Barbie is not an average girl. She has hundreds jobs and not an average figure. There is even a syndrome named after Barbie. The “Barbie Syndrome”, is a syndrome for people that desire to have an appearance and lifestyle representative of the Barbie doll. Often it is associated with teenage females (and other age groups). Due to negative attention of the Barbie, the waist has been widened since 2000. The negative attention got even bigger when Barbie had a back cover of vintage booklet on How to Lose Weight, stating “Don’t Eat!”.



But there is a new Barbie in town, a worldwide crowd funding action is online to create a real life size Barbie. The size of this Barbie is measured with the average size of a 20 year old girl and creates a totally different Barbie.



Why it is cool?

I think the new Barbie is cool because the young girls of this day are growing up in world where there is an obvious perfect image of how they should be. The new Barbie takes the role model Barbie to a new level. Where Barbie teaches them to play together, it could be teaching them what a real body looks like. I think the new Barbie fits in with transparency because you grow up with a certain perspective on the world, which sometimes can be a little cluttered. This Barbie gives transparency for the young girls about the real world. Why I think it has future growth potential is because Barbie is a worldwide brand that can make a change in the world. In the model of Felce and Perry this coolhunt is an example of Physical wellbeing.

I think it has future growth potential because people want to know more of the products. The Barbie is not real anymore for the current world and because we have more information about the brands we know Mattel can change their point of view.




I think we all kind of saw this one coming. The QR code never really got where everybody hoped it would end, and that’s probably because it was already outdated when they invented it. The classic, invention whit out a problem. Luckily there is a new invention. To replace the QR code they came up with the Selfie Ticket. TicketLeap designed this for the smaller festivals that want to be more connecting.


Imagine a BBQ event for 50 people of your local beer brewer. Founder Raybould explained: “After the event, the event goer is more likely to order that beer the next time they see it on tap, and, more likely to talk about it to the friend they’re sitting next to. Events build community and community builds a brand. That brewery wouldn’t use barcode tickets. We know because we have many breweries as customers and they don’t scan tickets because it just doesn’t feel right for their purpose.”

Now you can scan tickets with just your eyes. No need for scanners, the right lighting, or a reliable Internet connection. In other words, a lot less logistics for the person throwing this 50-person event.


How it works? You get an e-mail 24 hours before the event telling you it’s time to say “smile” for your ticket. Next step is downloading the app and take your picture. I hear you all thinking, and yes you can try as many as you like.

Why I think it is cool?

When I heard this idea I was sceptic. But after reading the article I was convinced this is a cheaper and more personal approach for smaller companies. Why this is an good example of transparency? With this new ticket you have a clearer picture of who is going to come. You do not only have a name, but automatically you have a face with it which makes communicating as brewer or other company way easier.

I think this could be way bigger as if it is right know. It is not as expensive as current methods and still it is way more personal. People have a growing need of the feeling that they matter. If the director of the brewer comes up to them and remember their name. No better way of starting the conversation.


What happens in the forest.

Global Forest Watch is an initiative with the purpose of getting the world to know what happens to the forest. And to make sure the decision makers in the big companies all over the world to make the right decisions for the environment. 40 big  cooperation such as Google and the Maryland University are working together to publicize the map. At this map you can see how the forest are at this moment and if they are planting new plants. You can even look how your holiday destination is as far as the forest environment.


But foremost it is a tool to get the world to act up on the drastically changing environment. With this map Google and the rest want also the smaller groups to have all the knowledge. NASA tries to refresh the data as much as possible, daily and the tropical forest monthly. Other data is refreshed every year.

Still, director of de GFW warns us, you still need to look at the map with a story in your mind. Sometimes there is a forest fire but still controlled.

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Why I think it is cool?

For me this map gives me the power to know more. Personally I am not usually thinking about this topic but a lot of my friends are. With the increasing need of knowing more and feeling like we could make a difference, this makes a great example of transparency in the world. Years ago we would not have been able to know all of this, the GFW saw the need of people to have transparency about what is going on in the world.

I think this could be a bigger thing, because you do not only see this happening in the environment but also in the food sector. We resentment towards companies that refuse to give us information. Personally I do not think it is about the actual information, rather than the feeling a company is honest about their whereabouts.

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The Fresh Office

It is not easy to be healthy. We have seen a various off cool new movements to provide you with your cup off health. Het Verskantoor is one of them (translated the fresh office).

How it works

You want to be healthier but you do not have the time to do it. Het Verskantoor does it for you. Whit out thinking you will eat healthier and more varied. You will feel the difference.

Healthy living means every day vegetables and fruit. The content off the bag is fits your daily eat moments. You receive every week fruit for six snacks and vegetables for two meals. So you can eat healthier without thinking. In the bag and at the site you will find recipes for easy meals. To provide a healthy and varied meal. Every recipe is provided with fresh ingredients, it is easy and quick to make. The bag will be delivered at work or at a pick up spot.

Het Verskantoor has the ambition to deliver products that are coming out of your region. Why import your food if you can get it around the corner. You are earing vegetables from your backyard to improve your own health and the region.

bespaar_tijd   betaal_minder    eet_gezonder

Why I think it is cool?

I know it is not it’s first of this kind, but it is the first in my surrounding. This is a project from someone in my home town and so I am realizing it is getting even closer and getting bigger. This is a good example of a cool hunt that fits with the trend Glocalisation and keeps in mind the quality of life of people. It also has to do with transparency because it has an open communication about where the products are from and communicates about all the small things with their consumers. On the site you can even find a poll for various subjects that gives you the opportunity to add your opinion about a lot of subjects. The transparency in this example is in the details. You get a list of places where they get their food. You receive a list of products that are in the meal and where it has been. I also think it has future growth potential because it is an easy and relatively cheap way to eat healthy and support your local farmers.