Men, women and transgender toilets.

University of Sussex student’s Union want to break down gender barriers. The Britain’s University could become the first of the country with three different toilets. Women, men and transgender.


This decision has been made to make all the students feel more welcome.

Students Union communications officer Imogen Adie said: ‘We are working towards forming the first university trans-student policy and we need your help.’ The students union wants to open three toilets which could be arranged with the transgender toilet on the right. She is convinced this idea will make the students feel more welcome and make the experience of school as easy as possible. Every day we ask transgender to make a choice, which can be very painful.

Some of the current students have said the idea is ‘stupid’ and ‘a waste of time’. They think the committee should spend their time on the more important issues of the university. A University of Sussex spokeswoman said: ‘The subject has been raised by the Students’ Union and the university is in discussion about it.’

Staffordshire University was the first to introduce the transgender toilet in their nightclub. This was in 2009, debated by the student council.


Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because in this time with drag queens, androgynes and transgender every day they have to make a decision. For the people that feel the urge of fitting or just do not want to stand out because of their gender this is ideal solution. The trend masculinity and femininity is important here because this is another example of the fading lines between masculinity and femininity. Even though they need to make a choice there is a choice in between which fades the line.

Without getting attention when walking in the bathroom this is an easy way of getting things done. I think it has future growth potential because it is an easy way without much work to make everybody fit in. Also you transgender can feel more excepted for who you are which suits the trend that is individualism.



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