The life of Chelsea Brandy.

All my life I have known him as Brian, but for the past years he has also gone by the name Chelsea Brandy.

Growing up as a friend of the family we spent a lot of time playing together and even as a young child he already was extravagant. This developed even more when was 16 and he started exploring the Amsterdam nightlife. He often came in contact with drag queens and he immediately got really interested in this scene.

His first real experience as a drag was at a ‘Bellen Dellenavond’ in Helmond. This is a party where every straight and gay man dresses up as a woman. At the party he was given make-up and a wig and he had a great night. After the second edition he knew for sure, he wanted to do this more often. Since then he has started going out dressed as a woman and there the journey began. One thing led to another and before he knew he got invited for many drag shows, and Chelsea Brandy was born.

Besides his study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute most of his time goes to being and practicing drag. This includes practicing make-up techniques, preparing for performances, making costumes and following inspiring drag queens online. In February RuPaul’s Drag race starts. This is kind of America’s Next Top Model for drag queens he likes to watch. On average he performs three times a month in bars and clubs mainly in Amsterdam.

For now his dream is to get better at his drag and have as much fun as possible.


Why I think he is cool?

Well because I think THEY are cool. Brian is the only drag I know, but I love the fact that he is so open about it. I think he can be a role model for many young people and not only drags but also them who are trying to be themselves. He feels confident in his femininity (Chelsea) and masculinity. When I heard about this assignment I immediately thought of Brian and Chelsea. For me this is the height of feeling confident and happy in your own body and about who you are. Why I think it has future growth potential, because authenticity is getting more important every day, and  individualism is getting bigger and bigger. For me Brian is an authentic person by being who he really is and getting his/her own identity because of it.



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