Delikatessen for men

Andrzej is based in Amsterdam. His collections are produced in Poland.


The label of Andre Lisowski, Delikatessen is based on the traditional garments. With a great eye of detail. Each season the brand comes up with a collection made from impeccable and refined cottons and linens. Delikatessen is a concept of purity. A balance between old craft and modern design. There is care and concern in every cut, the designs pay respect to the traditional fit for pants, shirts and jackets, but brush it all modern with fine detailing. This brand worships the men being in the modern world with an old touch. Inspired by art and nature.

For the autumn winter season, they designed a vintage gauze from Japan, waffled denims, vintage chambrays and cottons mixed with wool and silk. Delikatessen likes to search for the best fabrics. The vintage  knits are soft and gentle and while offering fully functional warmth.

DelikatessenClothing-1b-thumb-307x409-73879 DelikatessenClothing-2b-thumb-307x409-73883

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because Delikatessen is a robust and functional brand. I like to search for new brands and I found this on a site especially for men. The brand is for the masculine man, with a sense of style for ´the real men´. The brand is inspired by art and nature. This brand stands for the individualism of the manly man of this  age. There are many man that can’t cope with trends such as the previous coolhunt of mine which was the nail polish for men. That stood for a fading line between femininity and masculinity, this is a counter reaction of that trend. In this trend the real men wants to show how the authentic men should be. The men of the early ages when they still needed to be rough and strong. I think it has future growth potential because it is an authentic look for men, and as I already described with this trend the real men comes along. It has future growth potential for the men that are sick of being the soft men. This shows the warrior of the past.



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