Manly cure

Still getting used to men wearing makeup? Or even high heels and corsets? EvolutionMan has the newest thing, nail polish for men. Founded by makeup artist Marco Berardini, they launched a nail polish line to meet the needs of men everywhere.

EvolutionMan Nails

Berardini is convinced the EvolutionMan nail polish suits variety of men. Especially for those who want to make an ” individualistic statement” with a bright nail color, or grab attention with an bold lacquer. Also for the men who want to keep it safe, there is Pavement, a light glossy grey, and Pure Bling, which creates a natural buffed look.


Why I think it is cool?

Because for me this is a way where men can be their selves. And because it is getting more accepted that men also want to treat themselves with the same products and care as woman. With this trend the contrast between femininity and masculinity is fading. It is getting a bigger trend to express yourself in every way you like. Femininity and masculinity is fading with this product and it is getting Unisex even though this nail polish is specially for men.

Why I think it has future growth potential is because men want to spend more time on their appearances. More men are wearing nail polish, the manly cure is growing every day. Since individualism is getting more important every day. Still I am not sure if guys feel comfortable enough using the products because it is still new and not totally accepted.



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