Men, women and transgender toilets.

University of Sussex student’s Union want to break down gender barriers. The Britain’s University could become the first of the country with three different toilets. Women, men and transgender.


This decision has been made to make all the students feel more welcome.

Students Union communications officer Imogen Adie said: ‘We are working towards forming the first university trans-student policy and we need your help.’ The students union wants to open three toilets which could be arranged with the transgender toilet on the right. She is convinced this idea will make the students feel more welcome and make the experience of school as easy as possible. Every day we ask transgender to make a choice, which can be very painful.

Some of the current students have said the idea is ‘stupid’ and ‘a waste of time’. They think the committee should spend their time on the more important issues of the university. A University of Sussex spokeswoman said: ‘The subject has been raised by the Students’ Union and the university is in discussion about it.’

Staffordshire University was the first to introduce the transgender toilet in their nightclub. This was in 2009, debated by the student council.


Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because in this time with drag queens, androgynes and transgender every day they have to make a decision. For the people that feel the urge of fitting or just do not want to stand out because of their gender this is ideal solution. The trend masculinity and femininity is important here because this is another example of the fading lines between masculinity and femininity. Even though they need to make a choice there is a choice in between which fades the line.

Without getting attention when walking in the bathroom this is an easy way of getting things done. I think it has future growth potential because it is an easy way without much work to make everybody fit in. Also you transgender can feel more excepted for who you are which suits the trend that is individualism.



Delikatessen for men

Andrzej is based in Amsterdam. His collections are produced in Poland.


The label of Andre Lisowski, Delikatessen is based on the traditional garments. With a great eye of detail. Each season the brand comes up with a collection made from impeccable and refined cottons and linens. Delikatessen is a concept of purity. A balance between old craft and modern design. There is care and concern in every cut, the designs pay respect to the traditional fit for pants, shirts and jackets, but brush it all modern with fine detailing. This brand worships the men being in the modern world with an old touch. Inspired by art and nature.

For the autumn winter season, they designed a vintage gauze from Japan, waffled denims, vintage chambrays and cottons mixed with wool and silk. Delikatessen likes to search for the best fabrics. The vintage  knits are soft and gentle and while offering fully functional warmth.

DelikatessenClothing-1b-thumb-307x409-73879 DelikatessenClothing-2b-thumb-307x409-73883

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because Delikatessen is a robust and functional brand. I like to search for new brands and I found this on a site especially for men. The brand is for the masculine man, with a sense of style for ´the real men´. The brand is inspired by art and nature. This brand stands for the individualism of the manly man of this  age. There are many man that can’t cope with trends such as the previous coolhunt of mine which was the nail polish for men. That stood for a fading line between femininity and masculinity, this is a counter reaction of that trend. In this trend the real men wants to show how the authentic men should be. The men of the early ages when they still needed to be rough and strong. I think it has future growth potential because it is an authentic look for men, and as I already described with this trend the real men comes along. It has future growth potential for the men that are sick of being the soft men. This shows the warrior of the past.


The life of Chelsea Brandy.

All my life I have known him as Brian, but for the past years he has also gone by the name Chelsea Brandy.

Growing up as a friend of the family we spent a lot of time playing together and even as a young child he already was extravagant. This developed even more when was 16 and he started exploring the Amsterdam nightlife. He often came in contact with drag queens and he immediately got really interested in this scene.

His first real experience as a drag was at a ‘Bellen Dellenavond’ in Helmond. This is a party where every straight and gay man dresses up as a woman. At the party he was given make-up and a wig and he had a great night. After the second edition he knew for sure, he wanted to do this more often. Since then he has started going out dressed as a woman and there the journey began. One thing led to another and before he knew he got invited for many drag shows, and Chelsea Brandy was born.

Besides his study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute most of his time goes to being and practicing drag. This includes practicing make-up techniques, preparing for performances, making costumes and following inspiring drag queens online. In February RuPaul’s Drag race starts. This is kind of America’s Next Top Model for drag queens he likes to watch. On average he performs three times a month in bars and clubs mainly in Amsterdam.

For now his dream is to get better at his drag and have as much fun as possible.


Why I think he is cool?

Well because I think THEY are cool. Brian is the only drag I know, but I love the fact that he is so open about it. I think he can be a role model for many young people and not only drags but also them who are trying to be themselves. He feels confident in his femininity (Chelsea) and masculinity. When I heard about this assignment I immediately thought of Brian and Chelsea. For me this is the height of feeling confident and happy in your own body and about who you are. Why I think it has future growth potential, because authenticity is getting more important every day, and  individualism is getting bigger and bigger. For me Brian is an authentic person by being who he really is and getting his/her own identity because of it.


Girls build the future.

When I was young I played with Barbie’s and occasionally with my older brothers KNEX or Lego. But if I think back at the toys most played with for my sisters and me than it must be Barbie’s, dolls or other woman (and almost always pink) toys.

pooi8j815w  images

Of course this was not a problem for me since I wasn’t just to something different but times change and in an age like this we cannot keep thinking like this. Luckily for young girls all over the world, Goldiebox thought different. Goldiebox is a toy company that wants to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. They believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future, literally.

images (1)

The founder, Debbie Sterling, decided last year that girls need more choices than the standard Barbie, dolls and more pink toys that the average toy stores offers. She developed GoldieBlox, an interactive book series + construction set starring Goldie, the kid (girl) inventor who loves to build.

In the movie I found on the internet Sabrina, Raven, Reese, and Brett built an incredible machine in their own home. Something the founder never dared to dream of. With this machine, that they captured for the world to see they want to show the world the potential every girl has. They hope to inspire everybody with the movie and toys.


Why I think it is cool?

When I was young and my brother wasn’t home, I loved to play with his toys. You could build incredibly things with his Lego. At this moment Lego already realized that girls also need to be able to play with their toys, so they created a totally girly version. In pink of course. Goldiebox takes a different perspective. Their toys is totally for girls, complete in pink but with an bad ass vibe.

This product is already a different great example of the trend masculinity and femininity. With this toys girls get to be the little builders they like to be and still do this in a girly way. With this the line between boys and girls toys get smaller. Except of the color the toys are not so different anymore.


Manly cure

Still getting used to men wearing makeup? Or even high heels and corsets? EvolutionMan has the newest thing, nail polish for men. Founded by makeup artist Marco Berardini, they launched a nail polish line to meet the needs of men everywhere.

EvolutionMan Nails

Berardini is convinced the EvolutionMan nail polish suits variety of men. Especially for those who want to make an ” individualistic statement” with a bright nail color, or grab attention with an bold lacquer. Also for the men who want to keep it safe, there is Pavement, a light glossy grey, and Pure Bling, which creates a natural buffed look.


Why I think it is cool?

Because for me this is a way where men can be their selves. And because it is getting more accepted that men also want to treat themselves with the same products and care as woman. With this trend the contrast between femininity and masculinity is fading. It is getting a bigger trend to express yourself in every way you like. Femininity and masculinity is fading with this product and it is getting Unisex even though this nail polish is specially for men.

Why I think it has future growth potential is because men want to spend more time on their appearances. More men are wearing nail polish, the manly cure is growing every day. Since individualism is getting more important every day. Still I am not sure if guys feel comfortable enough using the products because it is still new and not totally accepted.