Walking in the dark

Eindhoven the light city of the Netherlands will be the first city with an innovative bicycle path. Where Vincent van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885 there will be an 600 metres long bicycle path. The bicycle path is designed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans and is part of a cooperation between the municipality of Eindhoven, Van Gogh Brabant, Vrijetijdshuis Brabant, Eindhoven 365 and Routebureau Brabant.


The light stones will charge during the and light up in the night. The first impressions where presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The Roosegaarde – Van Gogh bicycle path is part of a the highway of tomorrow a developed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans. The plan is that it will be ready to experience in 2014, which will make this the first bicycle path of its kind in the world.

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool that Eindhoven will be the first city with such a renewing design of a simple thing such as a bicycle path.

Future growth potential

I could not find any info about the costs of the path. But unfortunately I am think it is an big investment but still I think it has a big future growth potential because after the investment it saves money that you normal would spend on the electricity. And it also looks a lot cuter than the standard lights. I think it fits the Experience economy because the light gives the path a different dimension.



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