A smelly phone call

‘That smells’ was taken really seriously by Scentee the developer of a new gadget for your phone. Scentee is a little device that you plug on to your phone en when you get a phone call, email or text it creates a smell. They must have thought that your life is not complete without sending your best friend some lavender when you miss them.


Thanks to the Japanese company ChatPerf the internet can now do everything. It hears, sees, feels and now smells. Scentee is a little device that you put in your earphone access which allows you to spread a sent with a push on the button. First you need to download the app, purchase cartridges of your favorite smell and connect it with your phone.

After every phone call, email or like a little smell is spread. Send your friends a nice smell, ofcourse they need the Scentee to be connected to receive it.

The available scents are: roses, mint, cinnamon, bacon, coffee, curry, jasmine, lavender, apple, coconut, strawberry, corn soup, meat, potato and gunpowder. The Scentee sells for $35 and a $30 shipping. The different scents start at $5 for coffee, lavender, rose, rosemary and strawberry each.


Why I think it is cool?

I started laughing really hard when I read about this devices. It feels like the company that made it created a solution without a problem. Still I think there are people that might be interested in Scentee. With the growing need for new and special experience this definitely adds something to your phone and create a special feel for your phone. Getting a phonecall has become a real experience instead of the ordinary phonecall.


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