The Fashion pop

Lara Atkinson realized there was a increasing popsicle sale and popsicles recipes during the spring summer fashion shows. With this knowledge she tried to create a high end delicacy instead of the inexpensive icy treat.

lara1 lara2

The Fashion pop concept is a concept about fashion and icy treats. Lara Atkinson took prints, textures, colors and themes from spring summer collection 2013 and turned them in to a eatable fashion product. As an inspiration she used ‘The Crunchy textures’ of McQueen fashion and ‘Burberry’s Lickable metallics’.

But she didn’t only changed the eatable part of the Fashion pop. She also changed the wooden stick and the plastic wrapper.

lara3 lara4

Why I think it is cool?

The Fashion pop is a concept designed for eatable and affordable design. You want to buy an item from your favorite designer but you can’t afford it? Here is the solution. For me this is an example of experience economy because it changes the experience you normally have when eating a popsicle. Eating a popsicle has a low reminder factor. And when I ask you in a few weeks how the popsicle was that long ago you probably need a minute or two to know what I am talking about.

The chance is bigger that you will remind this popsicle because you link it to your favorite designers.

I think it has future growth potential because the bigger designers keep coming with affordable products for the bigger crowd. Even when you can’t afford the clothes you still had a little bit of the brand. Also it is more likely that the costumer will pay a little extra for this popsicle, even when it isn’t just more than a nicer look.



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