Last Message

When I read this the first thing I did was app my boyfriend. You should know how I feel when I tell you he loves to go out until early in the morning. And half past the night I get a half text which says something that should mean that his phone is almost empty. I think this app is a as we like to call it ‘een schot in de roos’ or the right thing.


How it Works

Last message is a very simple concept. When your phone is about to die he automatically text, tweets, Facebooks or emails to the friends you apply. So the people who needs to know are aware of your died battery. They know you are not just ignoring them, mad at them or do not want to respond. It takes away a little stress when you know you will be disconnected. You can set the time the alarm will go off.

Even though Last Message is simple it includes advances features. There is a statistic page to learn additional information about the battery, measure the battery temperature and more if needed.

Why I think it is cool?

You can personalize your message anyway you like and even choose at what percentage you’d like the app to send the message. Socialbesitas is becoming even bigger for the youth because they want to be online at all time. Last Message gives them a simple way to let everybody know they are not able to contact them for a while. This is a cool app because it is an free app an had a wide range of target. You can inform your mom or even your spouse. It has future growth potential because letting people know where you are and what you are doing is still a big thing.

Last Message lets everybody know that your offline for a while. But do not be afraid. Just plug your phone in and YOUR BACK!




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