The self-help app, meditation or better sleep?

My personal favorites are the self-help apps off Andrew Johnson. Recently we started meditation and yoga classes at our study and even though I was not enthusiastic at first his apps made me fall in sleep easier.



Andrew Johnson grew up with a fascination for mindfulness and has been teaching individuals and group relaxations and coping skills. After Emotional Freedom he started training in stress management, meditation and mindfulness.

He is most happy when he is teaching people why they should relax, how they can relax and why they should practice relaxation techniques.

How it Works

Andres Johnson offers many different self-help apps to help you gain confidents, power nap or speak better in public. I used the Power nap app to get a short sleep.

Make yourself comfortable at a place where you will not be disturbed. Get in a positioning that you could last as long as the recording. Start the recording and just listen and do what Andrew tells you to. His calm and relaxing voice will get you in a different state of mind. First he explains the rules of using and then he will tell you to relax. With multiple exercises he banns your thoughts out of your mind. I would love to explain the whole thing but it is best to try it yourself!

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because with an recording of approximately 15 minutes he teaches you the skills you want. My power nap was never this easy. Since people have been more busy they want to spent their spare time better and more efficient. That is why is see future growth potential. It is easy to participate and everybody could do it.

It is very attractive because the first apps are free. After that you pay €2,69 for an recording that will last at your phone, computer or mp3 player and you will carry at all times.

Did this make you enthusiastic or still skeptic? I dare you to try it.


Source: for more inspiring stories.


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