The Health social network

In my First blog I would like to tell you something about the Healthkeep social network. While surfing on health sites I found this social network. The current popular social network are not anonymously and therefore not the places to go to with questions about your own health. So that is why Healthkeep was created. It is a safe environment to learn more about health issues.



Healthkeep is a social network to share and learn from others health experiences anonymously. This is a place where doctors and patient can communicate about their health issues. You can share your own experiences for others to learn from it.


Founded by Dr. Lyle Dennis. He is chief of Neurology at Good Samaritan Hospital in New York. Besides Healthkeep he has lots of other Health projects such as Bon Secours. He interprets the latest human longevity research and news for practical use.

How it Works

You make an account and write your problem or experience. On the rest of the site you can find others experiences to learn from or get more information about your condition. The site will determine what your experience is about and will share it with others who have similar experiences so they can help and give you feedback. Then you can specify what you want to read about and follow doctors or other patients.

Why I think it is cool?

I think it is cool because I see future growth potential. Since Facebook went public with the profiles people have been wondering whether they want to make their life public or not. Healthkeep makes it possible to get your answers quick and anonymously.

It feel attractive because in times of need you need people to support you, and who can do that better than them who know what you are going trough. Interested? Try it at for free!


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